Xavier Fisher grew up as the son of a fisherman in Illian, City of Kings, situated at the mouth of the mighty King River and the great Illian Ocean. As he turned into his teens he began to run with a bad element and developed his skills as a rogue. The whole lifestyle never settled well with him so he felt that he should us his super badass skillz to help the world. So he joined with the adventurers in an effort to save the world. He gladly gave his life in an attempt to save the rest of the party from thge evil sea hag. He lives on in the after life happily knowing that his sacrifice is the only reason that the rest of the party is able to continue the crusade to save all that is good and just in the world.

Best rogue ever was Xavier Fisher.

Killed by a Horrid Hag that must have been 25 feet tall, and commanded an army of some 50 viscious sea deamons. With little reguard for his own well being, Xavier dove through the viscious melee, leaping some 30ft over poisous monster infested waters, landing on the tiny platform that held the witch in saftey from the rest of the party. Xavier slashed the vile succubus knocking her away from her W.M.D. (that surely would have destroyed the entire party if not the entire realm). Distracting the amazingly over powered harpy and allowing the remainder of the party to flee (like little girls) with thier lives. While locked in mortal one on many combat with the Hag and her denizens Xavier noticed a litter of small kittens that surely was to be used in some horrid sacrificial rite. While slashing his way to these poor innocent creatures, Xavier was felled when the mound of his enemies corpses that were piled around him collapsed on on top of him. When the weight of his foes became too much for him to hold his head above the water (as he had entered the water to battle the beasts so as to even the odds). As he slipped below the water the evil hordes attacked all in conjunction wounding Exavier enough that he barely managed to get the kittens to safety before succuming to his wounds and the poison that coursed through his veins.

At least that is the way that the ballad and epic poems are taught at the Royal Bard Acadamy. It usually ends with something like “Never has The Creator blessed any one being with such stregth of will, spirit, and body. R.I.P. Xavier Fisher Best Rogue Ever.”

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