Uncommon Valor

Now our young heroes must stand against the relentless siege of the Wizards Council in the newly liberated Valley of Light. The infamous Deathknight Krang now fortified in the city of Sparrow Down hunts tirelessly for those who robbed him of his dragon prey Xenon. The brave allied forces of the Valley of Light face certain extinction unless they find a way to resist the ruthless advance of the Deathknight Krang—the hammer of the Wizards Council.

In the months following the last adventure our heroes fought courageously alongside the brave people of the valley. Some fell in battle and others took dangerous assignments carrying them elsewhere in the struggle of light versus darkness. But now with winter bearing down, resources growing thin and reinforcements bolstering the Deathknight Krang’s forces arriving within even the valley itself the cry rings out for heroes. Some old and some new, the heroes must answer the toll for valor and attempt to turn the tide of evil.

It is in these desperate times that our new heroes must transform into paragons of hope, valor and justice. For in this battle they cannot fight alone. They must defeat despair with valor, rallying the forces of good for faith without action is dead. They must marshal their forces. They must step forward to fight against insurmountable odds with Uncommon Valor.

H4b: Return to the Tomb of Phenor’dyn the Mighty

H5: Swamp of Xorn

H6: Shadowfell

H7a: The Black Tower

Uncommon Valor

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