Twighlight of Reason

Long ago the Creator made both the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. The gods were to rule the Sea and the primordials the Chaos. But the gods reached down into the Chaos and infused a part of its raw power and energy with the order and beauty of the Sea. The world and its people were formed. The gods and primordials contended for control with the gods winning the day. While the gods gained dominion of the world they could not destroy the primordials and in the end the god’s own infighting kept the world from becoming the utopia it promised. To this day the Creator remains silent as his creation vies for power and peace in His fallen world.

Eons of chaos gave way slowly to the Age of Empires. Many nations held the elusive reign of power for a time bringing order, prosperity and innovation to the land and its people. Among the most prolific kingdoms were the dragonborn Realm of Arkhosia, the tiefling Realm of Bael Turath, the eladrin Realm of the Twin Queens and the human Empire of Nerath. The last great empire Nerath united dragonborn, tiefling, eladrin, elf, halfling, dwarf and human alike under one flag of justice, peace and prosperity—for an age.

At the end of the age, though, the entropic force of time eroded the fabric of society as justice gave way to tyranny and prosperity to insanity. In a small corner of the Empire of Nerath a group of heroes held the line for a time against the forces of evil. The Keepers of Al’Torang descended to the depths of hell to battle the demon Lord Torang and secure peace and liberty for the Northwest Province. While a great victory for the Keepers the war was ultimately won by the evil Wizards Council. The Council trapped the Keepers in Lord Torang’s prison; forever eliminating the only force of liberty and justice strong enough to resist their evil plans. Now in a world free of heroes the Council’s despotic rule crushes hope from all who fall under their shadow.

Generations have passed since the legend that those heroes once were protected the land but now new hope has risen in the desperate city of Sparrow Down. Fledgling heroes joined forces with the famous Red Fletcher to stand against the advances of the Wizards Council. Surviving several treacherous ambushes from the evil Black Adder the brave party went on the offensive. Infiltrating the chateau of the nefarious Councilman Mesfert they discovered clues that sent them to the haunted Forest of Mist. Surviving the shadows of the Forest the heroes warned Princess Syier and the elf nation, Gunter and the Resistance and the druid the One. Following the clues the party ventured on into the tomb of Phenor-dyn the Mighty only surviving by the daring sacrafice of the Greatest Rogue Ever Xavier and pressing their advantage destroying the gnoll demonic scourge Farg and the demon Bobo to retrieve the Pipe of the Forest. Now armed with the Pipe the allied forces of the Valley of Light held off the undead troll warlord Krang while the players conscripted the ghosts of an ancient battle to their fight and freed the dragon Xenon from her unnatural hibernation. Their quest complete the heroes returned just in time to push back Krang and kill the dragon Strife’s son. The supernatural veil over the forest lifted and the valley revealed the new heroes and the allied forces of the Valley of Light. The Faith of the Fallen was restored.

While a bright moment for the budding resistance Krang’s presence cut short the victory celebration. With the hammer of the Wizards Council threatening from Sparrow Down and gnoll reinforcements arriving daily from the Tomb of Phenor-dyn the fragile alliance faced a dire threat. Our heroes, leaving Syier, Gunter, Thoridin and the One to contend with the death knight’s forces, proceeded into the evil tomb to cut off Krang’s reinforcements.

Therein they lay waste their nemesis Marlene the howling hag and her pet otyugh revenging their fallen comrade Xavier, the Greatest Rogue Ever, and pressing their advantage. After cutting through the demon barlgura and his gnoll followers the party ventured into a teleportation circle that allowed reinforcements from a far. The brave adventurers found themselves in the distant Swamp of Xorn and with the help of brave young Pooter they saved the maiden Sara and made short work of the Lizard King Garthgang and his dragon. Following the mysterious dark stalker Harlequin into a planar portal the heroes arrived in the shadow of the Black Tower in the Shadowfell. After a close encounter with the oni Shota they restored the honor of the last noble king of Illiian Tobin and incited a revolt against gnoll slavers. Then cutting a path of blood through shadar-kai the party at last neutralized the dark one and made battle with the Skull Lord Bane. Dispatching Bane they found themselves in the presence of the five headed goddess of chromatic dragons Tiamat herself. Escaping with but a warning of a greater evil to come the heroes returned to fortify the Valley of Light.

Now back in the Valley of Light much has been decided, but the final act is yet to be played. The elf princess Syier is now Queen of the Valley of Light leading all citizens in a struggle for liberty and justice. General Gunther marshals the allied forces to give chase to the death knight Krang. Thoridin’s recruiting efforts swell the resistance numbers daily. The One fortifies the forest kingdom. Our heroes are in possession of ten mysterious shadow orbs, an awesome war galleon and the arms of Illian. Also, they have knowledge of the teleportation circles, an enormous chain link and the Throne of Dreams. With their enemies on the move the time is now to strike a mortal blow to the Wizards Council. With luck, daring and quick wits they can press to dispatch the vicious death knight Krang and his master the wicked High Councilor Malcolm governor of Illian and score a great victory for light in the land.

It is in these desperate times that our new heroes must culminate their destiny, becoming at last paragons of hope, valor and justice. For in this battle they cannot fight alone. They must conquer chaos with justice, rallying the forces of good for valor without justice is short lived. They must marshal their forces. They must step forward to fight against insurmountable odds to thwart the Twilight of Reason!

H8: Clan of the Cave Bear

H8: Falenkor Range

H9: Cave of Madness

H9: Temple of Orcus

H10: Throne of Insanity

H10: Valley of the Red Tower

Twighlight of Reason

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