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Long ago the Creator made both the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. The gods were to rule the Sea and the primordials the Chaos. But the gods reached down into the Chaos and infused a part of its raw power and energy with the order and beauty of the Sea. The world and its people were formed. The gods and primordials contended for control with the gods winning the day. While the gods gained dominion of the world they could not destroy the primordials and in the end the gods’ own infighting kept the world from becoming the utopia it promised. To this day the Creator remains silent as his creation vies for power and peace in His fallen world.

Eons of chaos gave way slowly to the Age of Empires. Many nations held the elusive reign of power for a time bringing order, prosperity and innovation to the land and its people. Among the most prolific kingdoms were the dragonborn Realm of Arkhosia, the tiefling Realm of Bael Turath, the eladrin Realm of the Twin Queens, and the human Empire of Nerath. The last great kingdom the Empire of Nerath united dragonborn, tiefling, eladrin, elf, halfling, dwarf and human alike under one flag of justice, peace and prosperity—for an age.

At the end of the age, though, the entropic force of time eroded the fabric of society as justice gave way to tyranny and prosperity to insanity. In a small corner of the Empire of Nerath a group of heroes held the line for a time against the forces of evil. The Keepers of Al’Torang descended to the depths of hell to battle the demon Lord Torang and secure peace and liberty for the Northwest Province. While a great victory for the Keepers the war was ultimately won by the evil Wizards Council. The Council trapped the Keepers in Lord Torang’s prison; forever eliminating the only force of liberty and justice strong enough to resist their evil plans. Now in a world free of heroes the Council’s despotic rule crushes hope from all who fall under their shadow.

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