Points of Light

War for Al'Torang Recap

Points of Light is the exciting sequel to the War for Al’Torang. The War was set in the Northwest Province a beautiful and rugged land protected on its eastern border by the Keep of Al’Torang. The Keep sat nestled between the Great Redwood Forest and the Dragon Spine Mountains to the north; the majestic Illian Ocean to the west; the rugged Black Hills and the treacherous River Tom to the south; and the Great Plains of Baal to the east. It guarded a tactical pass through the Dragon Spine Mountains providing the nobles, farmers and merchants in the lands closer to the Illian Ocean safety from the savage nations to the east. The land being rich with trade routes, safe harbors and natural resources is a hotbed of trade, politics and war.

The objective of the War for Al’Torang was to follow along with a group of heroes as they discovered the pitfalls of pluralism and relativism; holding to truth and valor they chose good over evil. In the course of the three adventure campaign they learned three valuable lessons based on the choices they made. First, they choose to be their brother’s keeper; taking the road less traveled they counted the cost and rewards that choice bears. Second, they uncovered the motivation of evil; choosing to stand in the gap between the weak and the abyss that sought to destroy them. And finally, they discovered truth; choosing love over power for all existence.

During the War for Al’Torang the Keepers of Al’Torang battled to thwart the plans of the nefarious Wizards Council. First the Keepers wiped out a bugbear army and stopped the evil elf-mage Eeole’s resurrected ancient red dragon Maug from destroying the Keep. Then the heroes battled against the fire giant Gorshon and won the final showdown with Eeole. And finally with Jonathan dead and the demon general Torang’s prison compromised the heroes scoured the depths of hell to secure peace and liberty for the Northwest Province.

As Points of Light begins, though, we discover that while a great victory for the Keepers the war was ultimately won by the evil Wizards Council. The Council trapped the Keepers in Lord Torang’s prison; forever eliminating the only force of liberty and justice strong enough to resist their evil plans. Now in a world void of heroes the Council’s despotic rule crushes hope from all who fall under their shadow.


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