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Faith of the Fallen Recap

In Faith of the Fallen our fledgling heroes joined forces with the famous Red Fletcher to stand against the advances of the Wizards Council. Foiling several treacherous ambushes from the evil Black Adder the brave party went on the offensive. Infiltrating the chateau of the nefarious Councilman Mesfert they discovered clues sending them to the haunted Forest of Mist. Surviving the shadows of the forest the heroes warned Princess Syier and the elf nation, Gunter the Great and the Resistance and the druid the One. Following subtle clues the party ventured on into the Tomb of Phenor’dyn the Mighty destroying the gnoll demonic scourge Farg and his liege the demon Bobo to retrieve the Pipe of the Forest.

Now armed with the pipe the allied forces of the Valley of Light held off the undead troll Deathknight Krang while the players conscripted the ghosts of an ancient battle to their fight and freed the dragon Xenon from her unnatural hibernation. Their quest complete the heroes returned just in time to push back Deathknight Krang and kill the dragon Strife’s son. The supernatural veil over the forest lifted and the valley was restored to the new heroes and the allied forces of the Valley of Light. The Faith of the Fallen was restored.


Ah yes the infamous (more than famous) Red Felcher. But I have yet to read of anything that is IMPOSSIBLY OLD?!

Faith of the Fallen Recap
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