Points of Light

Faith of the Fallen Preview

Generations have passed since the legend that those heroes once were protected the land. Now we begin a new in Sparrow Down. This modest city has grown in size and reputation boasting a hub of critical trade and valuable resources for the Northwest Province. As time has marched on, however, the yoke of the Wizards Council has become wearisome and heavy. Goblins mix freely with humans in a city rift with crime and corruption. Honest men toil under heavy civic duties while ghoulish aristocrats grow drunk with power and greed. The spirit of fear has grown oppressive to the citizenry; many of which no longer hold memory of justice or liberty let alone a hope for their future.

It is in these desperate times that our new heroes must begin to grow into paragons of hope, valor and justice. For in this battle they cannot fight alone. This is a war over hearts and minds, not land and honor; and in this battle apathy is as terrible an enemy as tyranny. They must marshal their forces. They must restore the Faith of the Fallen.


3Man 3Man

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